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That's right, past judgement and horrible as ever (intended) :D

Dave and the demon 2

2010-12-11 15:02:33 by PandaCakeMonster

Yeah, I'm back from the dead. Didja miss me? I don't care. Dave and the Demon 2 is in the making, and I've improved a bit since Dave and the Demon 1. Get ready for it.


2010-02-18 00:08:43 by PandaCakeMonster

Animators block. Damnit. I really want to start a new series but I have no idea what to do. help!

Okay, so Im making a new flash animation titled Sail Across The Red Sea. It's going to be more then 30 seconds (For once) and is going to have somewhat of a plot. So keep a heads up for that. Also, I've been playing lot of games for Medals so if you have any sugestions for games with medals. So... that's it for now. Bye :D


2010-01-07 16:16:50 by PandaCakeMonster



2010-01-07 15:46:04 by PandaCakeMonster

Well, my Flash CS4 broke. So that sucks. I'll get a new flash soon, but until then sorry.

And I want it back now.

Welcome To My Page

2010-01-02 23:10:22 by PandaCakeMonster

Welcome fellow Flash Animators, to my page. I haven't been on newgrounds that long, but I already love it. I love to draw and animate, and I hope to see you around the portal. Message me if you want me to record audio for your Flash animations for want to record audio for my animations. And, that's pretty much it. PCM out.

Im very happy this got into the portal. I will make a blog for it to update you guys. Episode 2 will feature Mr. Guy and Stick. Episode 3 will feature God and Twig. The names of these episodes are yet to be announced.

Audio :D

2009-12-23 20:01:16 by PandaCakeMonster

Got approved. :D From now on, I'll be submitting 2 audio loops per day, so stay tuned ;)